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The Well Dressed Acolyte / Explorer - (Download)

Deacon posted on 15/02/2014

For your consideration: three armors for use in Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader. These were created in our games to either reflect items which are mentioned in the canon but never given statistics, or were personally created for various characters in our games. The three are: Recon Scout Armor, the Explorer Storm Coat, and Armageddon Pattern Hazardous Exposure Suit.

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Ascension: Legacy Gear - (Download)

Deacon posted on 14/02/2014

Much as I love Ascension, one aspect I dislike is the starting gear for each Ascended Career Path. While it's understandable from a 'just-made character' standpoint, one of the creation methods is to create a Dark Heresy character and build them to level 8. To me, that means a fully-developed character who has survived to high enough level that they can Ascend- and (if my own group and personal experience is any indication) that means any level 8 DH character is toting around a golf cart full of various weapons and gear they've either acquired or scavenged along the way. Unfortunately, the Ascension rules list a very standardized and (for Storm Troopers especially) boring gear fit which doesn't represent a character who has suffered through 8 levels of Inquisitorial missions. Thus, I offer the Legacy Gear option. This option gives each starting character a 'pool' of 10 points to spend on gear, based on rarity and quality level. GM's can choose to either replace starting gear, or allow this in addition to it, their option (assuming they use this option at all, of course.)  

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Warren Mikhail Alvairgast aka "Zero" - (Article)

Dark Reign posted on 10/06/2008

Born to Arch-Militant Marshal Kelv Alvairgast and Deck Crewman Serena Mikhail on the vessel "Fortuitous Circumstances",  Warren came into the universe cursed from birth to be different. His body developed a genetic malfunction which caused his right eye to develop red instead of the violet color of his left eye and that  of his parents. The medics on the ship predisposed Warren to being a violent individual because of the blood eye that he sporter which his parents took as an excuse to raise him brutally to avoid him becoming violent which instead simply fueled his rage. At the age of 5, Warren had already gotten into a multitude of fights with other children on board the vessel including breaking the nose of his cousin against the deck floor outside the bridge. He was constantly reprimanded by others on the ship besides his parents which always caused him to spit at the individual scolding him and walk off from the scolding only to hit another kid. All through out his childhood, Warren was constantly beating other children for even the slightest of insults or offenses to him. At the age of 14, He managed to do his first kill. He was playing a game of bug racing...

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Fallout 40k - (Download)

messiahcide posted on 26/01/2014

The Fallout 40k rules were originally drafted by Albert-Jan Buwalda here, I decided to take those old rules and spruce them up, add some nice formatting, and keep the project alive. In this suppliment we have: War Wastes homeland Radiation and Bomb Disarming Rules Some skills, traits, and talents NPC Profiles Future additions are indeterminate at this stage. Maybe some new careers, alternate ranks, armory. Feel free to pop in on the discussion to thread to make suggestions, request stuff, or share your opinions. 

fallout40k.pdf Fallout 40k Discussion Thread Hits: 2,383 Comments Read More

DH2 Beta Character Sheet Editable 1.03 - (Download)

craftomega posted on 17/12/2013

I got irrated that there was no editiable character sheets for DH2.0 beta (The new one) so I made one. If there are any issues please let me know.   *Must use adobe reader to edit*                              

DH2 Beta Character Sheet Editable 1.03.pdf Hits: 957 Comments Read More

40k Portraits and Busts 1.1 - (Download)

craftomega posted on 30/12/2013

Here is a small amount of portraits and busts for 40k, just 413, it includes mainly of humans, Mechanicus, space marines, chaos space marines and some aliens. I may add more later. *Update 1.1* Added a few more; 438 total.    

40k Portraits.7z Hits: 1,493 Comments Read More

The Frenzon Strain Zombie Plague - (Article)

messiahcide posted on 26/01/2014

The Frenzon Strain Zombie plague is my attempt to recreate the postmodern 'Rabis' zombie types found in movies such as 28 Days Later, Quarantine, and World War Z. These zombies are particularly dangerous for Acolytes to face in battle - and made much, much worse when combined with the Horde Rules. Individually, these zombies are glass-cannons: Able to harm and impact the unfortunate Acolytes but withstanding very little damage in return before they are disabled. Perfect for running a survival horror session or two! Exposure and Chance of Infection: • Skin or tissue contact with the body of the infected: 5%. • Skin or tissue contact with infected blood or internal body tissue from the infected: 30%. • Bite or wound from infected individual (any Damage): 50%. • Ingestion of heavily contaminated material (i.e., water where plague dead have lain): 50%. • Deep wounding by an infected individual (i.e., a Critical Wound from a bite or mauling): 75%. Incubation Time: 1 minute Base Toughness Test Modifier to Resist: Hard (–10). Effects: If the victim succumbs to any degree of failure, he is consumed by utter rage and fits of convulsions becoming a Frenzon...

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40krpgtools - (Link)

Dark Reign posted on 24/01/2014 is growing every day with more resources for GMs.  Here are some of the current features: Master Bestiary  1500+ entities.  Every Stat'd npc in the 40k RPG universe with source book and page number.  Find critters fast.   Master Armoury  1100+ weapons.  Complete listing of every weapon in the 40k RPG universe with stat block, source book, and page number. Master Library  70 books.  Full tables of contents (even when the real book is missing one), and organized by type to help you figure out which book to get next.   Overall Features Comprehensive: The goal is to be 100% complete Fast Search Tables: just type in a few letters and get results immediately Filtering Tables: filter your tables by book, setting, entity type, etc. Interlinked:  Books reference their contents, master lists refernece their books and settings, etc. Commentable:  Any item can be commented on if you find a mistake or want to make a note for other GMs.   Enjoy and tell me what you think!   - scythemonkey

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The Nightmare Child - (Download)

messiahcide posted on 23/01/2014

The Nightmare Child is the first adventure in the Burnt Offerings campaign I am writing. It is definitely set in the 'survival-horror' genre, but offers juicy plot and conspiracies to hook players in and provides the foundation for upcoming sequals. Please feel free to comment if you enjoy or hate this adventure below or join in on the linked discussion thread.

BurntOfferings1.pdf The Nightmare Child Discussion Thread Hits: 612 Comments Read More

Ezra Kainus' Dark Heresy Living 2.3 Modificaitions (ver. 0.2) - (Download)

EzraKainus posted on 23/01/2014

This is version 0.2 of my revisions to the Living 2.3 Dark Heresy system.  This edition uses the first Beta for the second edition of Dark Heresy.that is no longer obtainable through DriveThruRPG. It includes all of the Update 3 erratta, including charts and tables, as well as updated character sheets. Enjoy!

Final-Dark Heresy 2e House Rules.pdf Hits: 549 Comments Read More


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