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Big Mek's Garage
As it's title says, this blog/podcast focuses on the hobby side of warhammer 40,000. 
Parting the Veil
Parting the Veil is the second instalment in the Maiden of Golgenna trilogy. It picks up where Dark Omega left off: With Interrogator Marcus Aurelian in possession of his prize - the great tome of the late radical Lord Inquisitor Melbinious. What dangers await Marcus as he both explores the book - and tries to carry it to safety? Expect the answers to that - and much more - early in 2016.
The Waaagh Forums
The Waaagh, the number 1 ork community on the internet, has returned after months of technical issues. Because of a long down time, the community is looking to spread the word - the grot spannas have been bashed for dropping their wrenches into the gears of the site, and the Big Meks have patched things up right orky and proppa.
Dark Omega
I'm happy to announce Dark Omega, my first full Warhammer 40,000 fan-fiction novel. It's around 140k words/500 pages.